Quality Rebekah Lodge

In the Miners’ Hall on June 27, 1907, Sister Ruby Kathan, Dist. Deputy President of Bucklin, assisted by Deputy Grand Lodge officers, instituted Quality Rebekah Lodge No. 475.

The following were charter members: Della Beckman, N.G.; Stephen Wallar, Cora Wallar, Rebekah Wallar, Valentine Maddox, May Gehne, Sallie Roe, Lucille Locke (McAllister), Sue Locke (Payden), Ann … > More >

C. W. A. Sewing Room

As was done in many communities during the economic relapse of the mid-thirties, Marceline organized a timely service for the relief of needy individuals. It began in 1934 when Mayor B.J. Thomas appointed Edna Locke Thomas (now Mrs. Otis DeLong) to supervise a sewing room in the basement of Carnegie Library and lasted until 1938. … > More >