G. I. A.

G. I. A.’s, as most sub-ordinate Divisions call them­selves, is so called because they are wives of Locomo­tive Engineers. The proper name is Grand International Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.

Strangely enough, while Marceline is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee, so is the Grand International Auxil­iary, which was organized October 16, 1887.

On February … > More >

P. T. A.

The P. T. A. held their reorganizational meeting March 24, 1960 in the school lunchroom. Mrs. W.T. Tomlin, District president of the Missouri P.T.A., was the guest speaker.

Rev. Neil Dubach was the first president of this organization. The by-laws were adopted in May. The P. T. A. has been active in school programs and … > More >

Assembly of God Church

Services of the church were first held in the old John Neff building in 1951. Later, services were held in a building behind Walsworth’s building until the church purchased the property at the present location. Since the purchase of this property at 201 E. Gracia, Sunday School rooms have been added and a membership roll … > More >

First Baptist Church

The town of Marceline was about 4 months old when a handful of Baptists held a meeting and effected the organization of the First Baptist Church. The first meeting was held in a rented hall on Sunday, May 19, 1888. The Rev. J. M. P. Martin of Linneus preached and at the conclusion of the … > More >

The Marceline Recreation Board

The Marceline Recreation Board was formed under the auspices of the City Council and appointed by the Mayor to provide recreational facilities and activities for the people of Marceline.

The Recreation Board was first formed in March of 1962 and the Mayor appointed Bob Murray, Paul Johnson, John Klumb, Eugene Crippin and Sondra Lake to … > More >

Marceline Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce was organized In 1888 by the City of Marceline. On September 6,1888, the Mayor appointed Drs. Perrin, Cater, Smith, N. Long, and J.E. Waller as a Board of Health for Marceline. J. Y. Turner was marshal at a salary of $30. W.M. Hindman received $17.75 for seventy-five paupers’ meals.

In 1900 … > More >